Cylinder Head Rebuilds

Getting your vehicle checked for tune ups should be a scheduled every so often to ensure that your car’s overall condition is up to par. From your engine and fuel system diagnostics to battery voltage, at Head Rebuilders Inc., we want to make sure your vehicle remains in tip top shape.

An auto tune up is loosely defined as the adjustment of various components of an internal combustion engine to achieve maximum performance. An internal combustion engine essentially works by using the force created from controlled explosions which take place in the engine’s cylinders to turn the drive shaft and wheels. If you feel that your vehicle’s engine is lacking or malfunctioning in this area, let Head Rebuilders Inc. check it out and solve the problem promptly. The last thing you want to do is worsen to issue by neglecting to attend to it. We do hub barring repair, engine welding, engine rebuilds and more!

Furthermore, if the problem is found with your battery, whether it is not properly charging or sending enough voltage to your engine, we can perform battery replacement for you to get this problem fixed in no time. Head Rebuilders Inc.’s auto repair service will make sure that this chain of events happens at the right time with optimum efficiency. Visit us today in Houston, TX for the best cylinder head rebuilds!