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Welcome to Head Rebuilders Inc.! We are an automotive machine shop that is dedicated to quality auto repair and engine rebuilds. Whether you need cylinder head rebuilds, hub barring repair or engine welding, we've got you covered!

Automotive Machine Shop

We specialize in a variety of machine parts you need which are durable, flexible, and reliable. We work with truck engines and tractor engines. Our services include: cylinder head rebuilding along with rebuilding of turbochargers, cylinder blocks,crankshafts, and connecting rods. The parts we offer are for truck engines such as water pumps, oil pump, fuel pumps,injectors, turbochargers, accessory drives, pistons, cylinder kits, inframe kits and anything engine related.

Our rebuilding shop uses nothing but the best of quality, High end parts to rebuild your cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, blocks, injectors and turbos. Call Head Rebuilders Inc. in Houston, TX today for daily specials. We don’t just know part numbers, we know the parts!! For more information regarding our engine rebuilds and auto repair services, contact Head Rebuilders Inc. in Houston, TX at (713) 661-6609!

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